About Soap


A Bit About Soap and Us

For soap bars and all our other products the base oils we handcraft with are ethically and sustainably sourced plant products.

Our products contain no animal products with exception of where we use locally sourced Bee products and Goats Milk..

Our products are tested on human Bar 13 team members not animals.

How They Do It

Commercial soap is usually produced from tallow and other fats and a variety of synthetic compounds which are added to produce the desired lathery texture and hardness of the finished bar.

The mixture is boiled at high temperatures with the caustic solution until the process of saponification takes place. The soap is then milled.

In the milling process the soap is finely grated and sent through a machine which compacts the shreds to produce a hard, polished bar. To prevent the soap from sticking to the rollers of the milling machine, the manufacturer will remove the naturally occurring glycerine and add a variety of chemical additives.

How We Do It!

In cold process soap making, a mixture of oils and fats, sodium hydroxide, water and natural herbs and clays, and essential oils are stirred together. No additional heat is required or added. This process retains all of the naturally occurring humectant and glycerine.