– Get Reward – Credit Card Activation – The American Express card is issued by American Express which is a financial service company. With the help of the American Express Credit Card, you will be able to have financial flexibility. This card will help you in buying new things but also give you the flexibility of paying later. – Get Reward

This card will also provide you access to many offers in the field of travel, dining, shopping, and many more. With the help of the American Express Credit Card, you can enjoy curated dining with the best offers.

American Express will help you 24*7 if you have any query or need assistance with anything related to your credit card. With the help of the American Express Credit Card, you will be able to manage your card payments and balance online in a very hassle-free way. In case you end up losing your credit card, American Express’s fraudulent policy will protect you from any sort of fraud. You simply have to report any transaction made and American Express will take care of the rest

This card is likely to offer you top-notch service and provide you with the best of perks. However, the first thing you need to do after receiving your American Express Credit Card is activate it. There are two methods to activate your card and you can use any one of them. There are certain things that you need to have before you start your card activation process. You will need a laptop or PC if you are making use of the online or a phone if you are making use of the offline method. You also need your 15-digits card number and your 4-digits security code number handy.

Online Card Activation

The online activation of your American Express Credit Card is very basic. There are certain steps that you have to follow to activate your card. Remember to complete the registration process on the official website of American Express before you start with the activation process. You will not be able to complete your credit card activation if you have not registered yourself on the American Express website. After completing the online registration, follow the steps mentioned below.

1.You will have to open any web browser on your laptop, PC, or mobile.

2.Visit the official website of American Express by searching –

3.You will then reach a page where you will be able to activate your card.

4.Check the front of your card and enter the 15-digit card number mentioned there.

5.Enter the security code written at the back of your card.

6.After completing the steps, select “Continue”.

7.Once everything is done, you will be directed to a new page and you have to now log in to your American Express Card account.

8.Fill in the details that have been asked and enter your username as well as your password.

9.You will be asked certain security questions, make sure to answer them correctly for verification purposes.

10.After this, your login will end and your card will soon be activated for use. Activation via phone

There can be times when you do not have access to the online platform or you don’t want to use it. American Express allows you to activate your credit card very easily using your phone as well. Follow the steps mentioned below to activate your American Express Credit Card and reap the benefits.

1.Call on the toll-free number provided at the back of your American Express Credit Card.

2.Listen carefully to the options being mentioned and choose the one which allows you to talk to the customer care representative of American Express.

3.The call center representative will ask for certain details like your card number along with some personal information. Make sure to answer all the questions properly.

4.Once all the details have been mentioned, your American Express Credit Card will soon be activated for your use.

You need to remember that there can be times when your call doesn’t get connected in one try. This is because there are many queries coming at the same time and the customer care representatives can be busy. In such a situation, be calm, wait for some time, and then call again. You will soon be connected and all your queries will be looked into.

The above-given information is enough to help you in activating your American Express Credit Card. The activation process does not take a lot of time so try to complete it as soon as you receive your card. You will not be able to make use of your card if you fail to activate it. In case you face any problem, American Express’s customer care service will help you 24*7 and will make sure that all your card-related issues get resolved.

The American Express Credit Card has a lot of benefits like discounts and the ability to manage the whole account online. If you haven’t applied for this card yet, you should do so as early as possible. The card application process is simple too. Also, do not forget to activate your card on receiving it. All the benefits come after you activate the card.

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Q1) What should I do if I lose my credit card?

A1) If your American Express Credit Card gets lost or is stolen, report to the American Express representative immediately. They have a fraudulent policy and will protect your card.

Q2) Can I activate my card online if I am not registered with American Express?

A2) No, you cannot activate your American Express Card online if you have not registered with them on their official website. You can register easily and are requested to do so before starting the online card activation process.

Q3) What is the card replacement policy at American Express?

A3) If you lose your credit card, American Express will make sure to provide you with a new card within 48 hours.

Q4) What is the toll-free number to call on for card activation via phone?

A4)The toll-free number that you have to call on to get your American Express Credit Card activated via phone is mentioned at the back of your card.

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