– Get Discount – Credit Card Activation – Bass pro an American secretly held shop meant for only fishing, hunting, camping, boatingand other kind of outdoor refreshment products. Bass pro shops trades and supports the product for National Audubon Society.

This card is made especially for the people who love outdoor games and are travel freaks. This card will help you to get cash backs and help will also help you in savings. This card provides cash backs to their members and their this a special website created for the bass pro card holder i.e. from where they cardholders of bass pro can gain the benefits of the services provided by bass pro. – Get Discount

The pros and the cons of having bass pro cards:-


You do not have to pay any kind of annual fee for using the bass pro cards. If the members purchase from the associated stores like bass pro, cabelas APR of about 9.99% will be charged to you. So, low APR for members who shop from this brand or from their associated stores.

The more you shop using this card the more you will get rewarded. And you can level up your card depending upon the amount you spend for shopping using this card. This card will charge no amount foreign transactions; the open account will get rewards lifelong.


There are three major cons of using this card and these cons are nothing when compared to the pros or the benefits of this card. The cons of this card is that the members will be rewarded with very low welcome bonus and the other major cons is that there are very few option to claim your reward which means that you will only be rewarded when you will use this card to shop only at the brand stores or at the shops associated with the bass pro and the user have to pay same amount every year for shopping with this card because if  the user fails to spend the same amount on the bass pro shops in the next year their card gets degraded.

But these cons do not affect much so go and get a bass pro card for you and to avail the benefits of this card you should activate your card first , if you want to  activate your bass pro card you are firstly required to create an account over capital one through online process. And to create your account you can follow these simple steps that have been given below:-

  • Open the bass pro club card’s official website
  • Then you required to create your account first so click on the option “create your account”.
  • A new page will open and in that page you have to fill your personal details like your name, your permanent address, phone number, email id, date of birth, gender etc.
  • After filling all your details in the form make sure that the details you have provided are correct.
  • Then after rechecking click on the “submit” option displayed on the screen.
  • And then follow all the instruction on the screen and then your account will be created.

Once you create your account over capital one you are now required to log in to your account so that you can move towards the activation process of bass pro to login follow these steps:-

  • First of all visit the official website of bass pro i.e.
  • Then you will see the option of “sign in” click on the option.
  • Once you have clicked on that option all you need to do is provide your username with the password that use have used while creating the account.
  • And on the last step you are required to enter your details make sure that you enter the correct details so that you will be logged in to your account easily.

After the logging in process you are then required to activate your bass pro card and to activate your bass pro all you need to do is follow some steps that have been demonstrated below:-

  • Now to activate your card you are needed to login first to your account by following the above demonstrated steps.
  • After logging in to your account now click on the “add a card” option.
  • Then will have to provide your personal details like you name (same as printed on the card), card number, CVV and the expiry date of the card.
  • Click the option “add” once you have filled all the details that has been asked.
  • Once the process is completed your card will then get activated and you will get to know that your card is activated with the help of a notification.

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Or you can also call on 1800-300–5984

How to upgrade the level of you card

The members can upgrade their card depending upon how much they spend on the bass pro or at stores associated with bass pro usually the cardholders are given with the classic card and these classic cards are replaced with sliver card when the cardholders have spent minimum amount to $10000 in the bass pro or its affiliated stores and then this silver card is replaced with the black club card when the card holders have spend about $25000 in one year. But if the users fails to spend the same amount on the bass pro shops in the next year their card gets degraded. And lowering down of the card usually takes place in the month of January every year.

The members can get their account details from the official website of bass pro except the rewards mentioned the cardholders also get the opportunity of getting the bonus points when the use gear guide. However this card is for limited shopping and those who do not like to keep an extra card for a limited amount of shopping this card is not meant for you and they should get another card for them. So, these are some basics details about bass pro. Hope, that you have found this article helpful.

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