Chick Fil-A Card Activation – Activate Chick-Fil-A Card

Chick Fil-A Card Activation – Chick-fil-A card is one of the distinguished fast-food restaurants and it offers many rewards by using the click-fill-A card. This restaurant makes a partnership with the bank of America and introduces a click-fil-A card to help the customers to get rewards and benefits.

You may also be able to get gift cards by redeeming them on your next visit to the restaurant. This restaurant was started by Truett Cathy. This card also offers a calendar gift on holiday days and there is also a birthday voucher.

Chick Fil-A Card Activation

Chick Fil-A Card Activation

If you have an account on the bank of America then you are most welcome to create an account for the click-fill-A card. These cards have plenties of usefulness and many bonus coupons are also available. You may also make purchases at other stores to claim more points. On every possession, you may get reward points and it is useful to taste the amazing fast food at chick-fil-A restaurant

If you already have an account at Chick-fil-A restaurant then you have to activate the card to get reward points and gift vouchers. Many of us don’t know about this card and the activation procedure available on this. This article is fully designed to help you to activate your card.

Before creating an account just go through the rules and requirements of this card

Rules and requirements;

  • Must have gadgets like PC, laptop, smartphone
  • You must have a decent connection with the Internet
  • Improper connection may result in misbehavior during account creation or activation
  • Should be 18 years old and above to take part in it
  • You must good with either the English language or Spanish language
  • To get this card your account is obliged
  • Have to know your personal information and card details
  • The main rules of this card is a person should be a make inhabit of the United States
  • Have to reclaim your coupon on your next visit to the restaurant for progressing more comforts and points
  • Have to know the terms and circumstances of it

After knowing the rules and regulations we have to create an account for the chick-fil-A card. The following are the guidelines given to create an account for it.

How to create an account:

      Almost, there are two steps for creating an account. That is by visiting the website or by using the mobile app. It is very understandable to fill and create an account within few minutes. The following are the steps needed for it.

  • Open a web browser from devices such as PC, laptops, smartphones, and tablets
  • Then visit the homepage of Chick-fil-A restaurant
  • On that page, you may able to see create account option
  • After clicking this you may able to fill in your account number and your identification details
  • You want to fill in the details like name, address, mobile number, email address, financial status, zip code
  • After filling in all these credentials your account is created you may get a card within 2 to 3 weeks and it is getting ready for activation

There is also an optional method to get our card that is explained below

Mobile app:

  • On this method, you have to install the app from the play store and unlock it
  • After that, you have to create a profile and fill in the needed credentials asked by it
  • Your personal information needed like name, address, contact number, email addresses, zip code
  • After that, you have to induce a pin for it which is known only by you
  • After finishing all these your accounts is get created and you will receive your card promptly and ready for activation.

After completing all these needs you have to get your card into activation. Without activation, it doesn’t work. Here are some strides given to help you.

How to activate:

Here are some steps and methods to activate your card. The methods are

  • Online activation
  • Via phone
  • Through app

Below is the detailed message about this activation

Online method:

  • Visit the official website of Chick-fil-A card.
  • After visiting the homepage you have to click the sign-in option to activate
  • Subsequently, on the next page, you have to follow the pedagogy given by them
  • And enter your 14 digit card number, pin, and fill in the needed facts and personal information
  • Then click sign in option then give your username and password to enter into your profile
  • Later filling all these your card gets activated you will be informed soon by message

Via phone:

In this method, you first call the toll-free number by touching the contact us option on the home page( Dial- 1-888-232-1521)

After that, hearing the audio gave about terms of use and conditions

Then you have to obey their instructions and enter your card number, social security number, name, and needed credentials for it

After finishing all these your card gets activated. The message will be received soon about your activation

Mobile app:

  • There is another procedure to get generate your card
  • In this procedure visit the play store and install the required app
  • Then open the app and give your card number, name, and needed details
  • Should have to generate Pin, username, and password
  • This pin, username, and password are used to sign in
  • Subsequently filling in all these credentials your card gets initiated and notified soon about it
  • Don’t share one’s pin with another

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Contact details:

 In case of any queries voluntarily contact the number furnished by them

Dial- 1-888-232-1521

Mailing Address :

You may also mail to

Po Box 725489,

Atlanta, GA 31139-9923, USA

Pros and cons:


  • There is no annual expense offered by this card
  • Very conserve to utilize
  • The foods delivered by this restaurant are very pleasing


  • Only small gifts are there
  • Salt and spiciness are overloaded so people can get fat


This is the best lunch counter in the USA. Bunches of benefits are obtainable on this restaurant. I hope you find a lot in this article about Chick-fil-A cards and it’s generation.

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