First Premier Credit Card Activation Online & Offline

First Premier Credit Card Activation – First Premier Bank’s favorite customer is concerned about activating First Premier Credit Card or First Prime Card Activation. No problem. You are at the right place if you have recently received your Premier Credit Card and wish to switch it on.1st Superior Bank Card or First Prime National Bank Account offers several ways to protect your life.

First Premier Credit Card Activation

First Premier Credit Card Activation

You can now study that post attentively and follow procedure you find interesting to enroll your credit card. You can also review the credit card options in your first bank. Kindly clarify the fundamental requirements and use your credit card as indicated in the method.

Registration of First Prime Credit Card – Enable First Prime Card

See the ways below for activating the First Premier credit card and make sure you follow the above steps. Select the best way that you can conveniently activate your credit card.

  • Authorize initial first digital credit card.
  • Enable the first telephonic credit card.
  • Enable the initial first ATM Mastercard.
  • Enable first prime Custom Software credit card.

Via Online Method for 1st bank Card Validation

There are certain basic demands to take your credit card with you in the internet technique. Check that the User Card with CVV code is on it and that 16-digit card number has also been properly indicated.

  • Go to First Premier Bank’s main site at
  • You must enter essential login credentials number and social security and select Proceed after accessing the online portal.
  • Now you must build your profile on this page by providing details such as username, passcode, residence, contact details, etc.
  • You will be told that you authorize your credit card after completing this program satisfactorily.

Concerns!!! First Premier Credit Card has been securely authorized

If you have a problem with Web access, validate your payment card by calling as described below.

Credit Card Validation First Premier Credit Card Authorization Through Phone Conversation

  • First Premier Credit Card to authorize your credit card by calling 1-800-987-5521.
  • Choose the native tongue to proceed and pay attention to the speaker.
  • Please share your personal data and card details, as requested by the teacher, after picking the language.
  • Simply follow directions attentively. You will discover that your card is enabled with the trainer after reaching conclusions.

Also, the bank will send you a Message that authorizes your credit card.

First Validation of ATM Premier Bank Card

  • Browse your region’s closest ATM.
  • Insert your ATM card and pick your native tongue.
  • The account information and passphrase must be entered immediately.
  • The “Card Validation” option must now be selected here.
  • Thereafter, you will acquire your payment information with an OTP (One Time Password). Insert OTP.
  • You will display a notification from the bank following the completion of the program indicating your CRD is on.

Point of clarification: Tread carefully if your First Premier Credit Card has not been validated. Consult the Bank right away.

Why Shouldn’t You Download the First Credit Card Software?

You shouldn’t have to endure longer lineups anymore with the First Premier credit application preinstalled on your device. Following is amongst the operations that you can take on the initial banking app:

  • Activate real-time warnings
  • Modify your Private Id Card
  • Carry out global transactions
  • Inspect your amount readily accessible
  • Upcoming deals to see
  • Set restrictions for transactions

Both iTunes and Play Store provide you with the first smartphone device for complimentary.

In order to help if you still need guidance for payment processing, call First Superior Bank Card Service Delivery at 1-800-987-5521.

FAQs on First Premier Card/Activation

Q1. If my debit card is robbed or misplaced, what do I have to do?

  • The existing First PREMIER Bank Debit Mastercard® may be suspended temporariness, reactivated or severely disabled using Online Banking or Mobile Payments Apps. Go to the Service providers menu and then click “Customer Care.” Select “Systems.” Our Tech Support Center 800-501-6535 can also be called. Feel free to call 888-297-3416 to notify the loss or robbery of your card after regular hours.

Q2. How can I examine my status swiftly?

  • Just log on to Web or Digital Wallets (remember that subsequent uses may infringe copyrights and/or downloading). You can also call financial institution at 800-315-6350 to inspect your status by providing your account data. Service support can also be reached by calling 800-501-6535.

Q3. How is my credit transaction or my financial aid amount to be done most quickly?

  • You can acquire your credit with on or online payments (note: you may need to register and/or install for first use) and transfers contribution to your credit from your First PREMIER profile. During regular working hours, you can also phone Helpline Number at 800-501-6535. It is as simple to finance the project as declaring a loan payout quantity Kindly call Tech Support during normal working hours for a precise lease payoff amount to verify that your settlement date is precise.

Q4. How can I transport monies rapidly across checks and saves?

  • You can shift the monies across your PREMIER Financial accounts either using the options “Payment” or by enrolling into Banking Transactions or Digital Wallets. The phone number for bank-by-phone is also 800-315-6350 or the number for customer service 800-501-6535.

Q5. Is a true credit card the First PREMIER Bank Mastercard®?

  • Yeah! For almost two decades, First PREMIER Bank and PREMIER Bankcard have served clients. The Debit card First PREMIER Bank can be used everywhere savings accounts are accepted.

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Q6.So how can I apply for an upgrade in my loan line? 

  • You can apply at any moment for an increment in the spending limit. An overdraft hike of 25 percent of the savings rate rise will be accompanied with a charge. To apply for an upgrade in the loan limit:
  • Install the plugin. Register into your profile.
  • Hit Extend Credit Record. (Left side)
  • Choose the available credit extension profile to be checked and click the “Seek Increment” tab.
  • To receive an automated email, kindly allow up to 14 working days.


First Premier Credit Card helps you to safeguard yourself and you can use additional services. Pay cautious and complete the transaction as mentioned beforehand to register the First Premier Credit Card or Enable the First Premier Credit Card.

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