Lowes.com/Activate – How Do I Activate My Lowes Card?

lowes.com/activate – Lowe’s is a advantages credit card. The company offers a discount of 5% everyday. By using the Lowe’s advantage credit card you save money each and every time. It is an American retailing company.

The Lowe’s is owned by The Lowe’s Company Inc. It is a credit card. The card is useful in helping the standards of the people in United States. It provides complete financial support for the improvement and the renovation of their customers homes.



The offers are only at limited times. By paying your due amount within the end of the month you are free from interests. Lowe’s card also works like other credit cards. The card can be used to its fullest limit unless you pay the due amount on correct time. There is no annual fee as like other credit cards. You should possess your credit score in the good level. The annual percentage rate for the Lowe’s advantage card is only 26.99 %.

You can get special financing offers for the first six months for the new card holders. After the six months the customers must pay off the full amount regularly without any delay. You must pay penalty fees in case of late payment.  registering for the Lowe’s card you can see whether you prequalify for getting the card. After approving the card can be used.

How to Activate Lowe’s Advantage Credit Card

Follow the following steps for your activation of the Lowe’s advantage credit card

  • Know your position for the Lowe’s card by checking your credit score.Possess a score greater than 670
  • The Lowe’s card can be activated in two ways. You can activate the card by either visiting the website or by making a

Activation by Online

  • For the online activation you must visit the official web page of the Lowe’s
  • Or click here lowes.com/activate
  • Now click the option “card member login “
  • Now enter your User ID and password
  • Now enter your 14 digit card number
  • After completing all the steps click submit option
  • Your card will be activated within a certain time

Activation by Making a Call

  • Ring to the number given on the card.
  • Now enter your details such as your card number etc through your mobile phone
  • After entering all the details your card will be activated
  • Now you can use the card for any purchases and transactions

Terms and Conditions

  • To get a Lowe’s Advantage credit card your credit score must be higher than 670
  • If your payment is done later than the given date then you must pay the penalty fees or the interest fees to the company
  • The card must be maintained personally do not share with others
  • You can use the card only in the Lowe’s store
  • Or in online purchases the card must be used in Lowe’s websites
  • The late payment fees may be charged up to $ 40
  • The late payment is charged for the persons one who didn’t pay the money on time
  • The annual percentage rate is about 26.99 %
  • The card cannot be used as a family card to add multiple accounts for one card.
  • The money borrowed must be paid on time
  • In case you fail to pay the amount on time then you must pay additional interest charges

Benefits or Rewards of Using Lowe’s Card

  • If you are regularly using the Lowe’s advantage credit card for more than 84 months then you pay the annual percentage fee of only 7.99 %
  • If you spend $2000 on Lowe’s advantage credit card then you can receive a cash back of $100
  • You will receive 5 percent off for every purchases that are carried out by Lowe’s
  • For the new card users there is a special financing feature for the first six months
  • Unless you pay the borrowed money on time you will not be charged with extra billing
  • On opening your new Lowe’s account before 31st January , 2022 for the purchases up to $100 you will receive a cash back of 20 % of the total money
  • The card can be used at any of the Lowe’s shops
  • The company also enforces many offers for its customers periodically
  • You can also qualify if your credit score is in the range of good to excellent

About the Lowe’s

Lowe’s is an  company that belongs to America. It is a retailing and a home development corporation. The headquarters  is situated in Mooresville, North  Carolina . The company has its branches of around 2197 places in America. It is a type of Public company. The founder of the company is Mr. Lucius Smith Lowe.The company was founded  in 1921. Now the company is 100 years old. The Chief executive of the Lowe’s is Marvin R. Ellison. Next to the Home depot Lowe’s is the second largest in hardware business. The first store of the Lowe’s was opened in North Wilkesboro, North Carolina. Mr. Lowe died in 1940 . Then the company was taken over by his son . The company has won eight consecutive Energy Star award.


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  • Is Lowe’s part of Walmart ?

No, Lowe’s and Walmart are different companies. They are totally different and do not depend on one other

  • Who is the owner of Lowe ?

Carl Buchan is the owner of the Lowe’s advantage credit card company which was founded in 1921. He ended his ownership with Jim Lowe

  • Is Lowe’s a good company ?

Yes , the company offers 15 percent discount to its employees. They also offer many medical policies and discounts to their employees. More than four lakh workers are working in the Lowe’s

  • How to activate my Lowe’s credit card ?

There is two ways for the activation . You can activate it by online by visiting the official website of the Lowe’s. Or you can call the number that is given on the back of your Lowe’s card for your activation of the new Lowe’s card.

  • What is the minimum credit score to get a Lowe’s credit card ?

Your credit score must be more than 670 to be comfortable to get the card. It is considered as good if your credit points ranges from good to excellent.

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