New Look

Hello! Welcome to our website and a new look. It has been over a year since our last update and a lot has happened. After a very active late fall and Christmas season we had many production opportunities available and reached out to the Foothills AIM (Advocacy In Motion) Society.  AIMS is dedicated to promoting /supporting adults who have physical / mental  challenges to find meaningful inclusive employment in our community. We began working with AIMS fill our employment opportunities  . We reached out to AIMS in January and it has been a great experience that has allowed us the opportunity to reopen a second location in the Edmonton area. The new store is located at the West Edmonton Mall in a new market area called the RAAS (Retail As A Service). The RAAS is a collection of micro stores located behind the ship in Phase 3 of the Mall. With our great production team we are now looking to expand to a third location in Calgary before the end of this year. We are currently participating in the Millarville Market every Saturday where we have been working volunteers from Heaven Can Wait (A Local No Kill Shelter) where  proceeds from the Market go to help fund their many great programs. It has been a year of changes and growth that looks like it is going to be getting even busier as we head into the end of Summer and into the Fall and Christmas seasons!

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