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Welcome to Bar 13 Soap Works


Hello And Welcome to Bar Thirteen Soap Works!

Bar13soapworks has it’s origins in the hair industry. Colin McConnell our principle founder  after over 20 years in the Hair Industry as a stylist had developed reactions to hair products to the point to which he could no longer work in the Hair industry. Still wanting to continue working as a hair stylist began a large amount of research into organic hair products and ingredients that are not harmful to the stylist or their clients. Colin opened one of the first true organic hair salons in Western Canada in 2006 in High River Alberta.  While operating the salon he continued his research into aroma therapy and saw a developing need for bath and body products that he could use without reacting to the products. In 2010 he sold the salon to focus on the development of such bath and body products and after 4 years of research and development opened Bar13 Soap Works in Black Diamond Alberta. By August 2016 Bar 13 Soap Works out grew it’s Black Diamond location and found a new home in High River Alberta. The new location is in the new revitalized High River down town where Bar 13 both handcrafts and sells it’s products. The name Bar13 is Colin’s father’s cattle brand while he was growing up in Northern Saskatchewan.

Colin today continues as our principle product developer / maker if Colin can’t be near it then we don’t sell it that is our motto and sticking to this principle has attracted many scent / ingredient sensitive people to our shop and products.

We believe in skin care without harsh detergents, unnecessary fillers and harmful chemicals. Our products are free of Parabens, sulfates and phthalates. We also believe in telling it like it is what’s on the label is exactly what is in our products.

We only test our products on humans ( ourselves )

 Made by Canadian Hands in High River Alberta Canada