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www.commbank.com.au – CommBank Card can be used to make online payments safely. Apart from online payments, this card can also be used to make payments at shops thus eliminating the need to carry cash at all times. You will get access to many discounts and cashback offers on different purchases you make using this card.


www.commbank.com.au – Get Discount

The activation of CommBank is pretty necessary if you want to make use of the card to get discounts, make payments, and earn cashback. CommBank Card can be activated in many different ways, thus giving the cardholders the opportunity to choose the procedure they are most comfortable with. The different procedures leading to card activation have been listed below. You can go through them and follow each step carefully to activate your CommBank Card.

Online Activation Of www.commbank.com.au

Making use of the online platform in order to start with the activation of the CommBank Card is a very common practice. Due to the ease of activating your card using this method, it is one of the most famous activation procedures. Once you have a stable internet connection and a device on which you can make use of the browser, you can go through the steps that have been mentioned and activate your CommBank Card.

1.Start with visiting the official website of CommBank to get started with the card activation journey.

2.You will need an online banking account with CommBank to go about this step. You need to log in with the help of your username or the client number that you will be provided with as well as your password. 

3.You now have to enter your card number along with some more card information. You might also have to enter your personal details for the purpose of identification. 

4.Once you enter all the information, certain prompts will be given. Keep following them carefully to reach the end of your card activation.

5.Your CommBank Card will soon be activated and you will be notified regarding the same shortly.

Activation via Phone

Another easier option of activating your CommBank Card is by making use of the offline method. You can activate your card in a hassle-free way by making a call on the customer care number. Once you dial the number, you can make use of the following steps in order to activate your CommBank Card.

1.You will have to call on 13-2221 in order to reach the customer care representative of CommBank.

2.You now have to provide the customer care representative with your card details as well as your personal details. 

3.Certain steps will be told to you via a call to complete the activation procedure www.commbank.com.au.

4.Your CommBank Card will then be activated in a short time. You will also get a message about the same.

Activation through Bank Branch

Getting your CommBank Card activated by going to the CommBank Branch is a very traditional method. It might be a bit tedious for you, however, if you are more comfortable with this process, you can follow the steps that have been given below.

1.You will have to get your CommBank Card verified at the bank branch closest to you.

2.You need to know your PIN or your Personal Identification Number in order to complete the CommBank Card activation procedure.

3.The employee and the bank will guide you throughout the activation process. He/She will give you some steps that you need to follow carefully.

4.Your CommBank Card will be activated shortly and you will be able to make use of it in the best way possible.

Activation from Mobile Application

Mobile application is another source using which you can activate your CommBank Card. This process will not require a lot of your time. All you have to do is read the steps that have been mentioned below and keep following them carefully.

1.You will have to download the CommBank mobile application from the play store or Appstore. This application can be downloaded for free.

2.You will then have to choose your card from the options being provided. You can then click “Activate Card”.

3.Keep following the steps that come on your mobile screen.

4.Once you successfully complete all the steps, your CommBank Card will be activated shortly.


To sum everything up, CommBank Card activation is one of the simplest ways of activating your card and bringing it to use. However, if you do face any difficulty with card activation, you can always contact the customer care service and ask the representative to help you resolve your issue.

Make sure that you don’t end up giving your card details to anyone and neither do you upload your card details on suspicious sites. In case you do end up losing your CommBank Card, inform the customer care service immediately and get your card blocked. This will save you from any kind of monitory fraud. You can later apply for a new card which will be issued to you within a few business days. Even the application procedure for this card is simple. All you have to do is visit the official website and fill out a form for the same.

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Q1) What are the different ways in which I can activate my CommBank card?

A1) There are four different ways in which you can activate your CommBank Card. You can complete your activation using the online platform, through phone, by making use of the CommBank mobile application, or by visiting the nearest bank branch.

Q2) Do I need an Online account to activate my CommBank card?

A2) Yes, you will need an online banking account with CommBank if you wish to activate your CommBank Card using the online platform. This is important as you will have to enter your log-in credentials to carry forward with the activation process.

Q3) How can I download the CommBank mobile application?

A3) You can download the CommBank mobile application from PlayStore or Appstore and it is free of cost.  

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